Five healthy foods to order at work

Modified foods, chemical and synthetic stuff in food, adulteration of food, seem to be the buzzword these days. It is a small wonder that food no longer looks like food. intact most stores devote a separate section to health food, making one wonder what the food in the rest of the section is about? Junk? Toxins?

It is good to speak healthy but where is the time to whip up a good nutritious meal. With most meals eaten on the run, there is just enough time to grab something and survive on it. Well, there are options for the ones who really want to do something about decent food.

If you are running out in the morning and do not have the time to sit down and eat breakfast, do yourself a favour. Grab a banana. The banana is a powerhouse of healthy minerals and vitamins, plus it gives you the much needed energy to survive till you get the first real meal of the day. Skip the coffee and save it for the afternoon. It’s not going to do much for you first thing in the morning. on the other hand it will take away your reserve of energy.

When you start to feel the beginning of hunger, just order a sandwich – wholemeal what else along with a freshly pressed glass of juice. Home Office Catering is available in most places.

Remember that the juice is important. Try to stick to a vegetable juice as it is not a good idea to combine fruits with a grain meal. You derive no benefit with this combination. The vegetable juice is packed with vitamins and minerals and if it is cold pressed there is absolutely no loss of nutrients. Take this as a daily dose of medicine. The benefits will be many. The vegetables take care of most of the daily requirement and give you a good antioxidant boost. With enough antioxidants you will be able to get through the crucial morning hours and arrive not too hungry for lunch.

Find a local caterer who is providing food made fresh. It is worth the spend as the money is not going down the drain. Not only it will improve your physical condition, but also your mind and personal skills. It takes a little time to look around and plan and you will find good health is not expensive nor does it take too much effort.

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