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Installing an environment friendly elevator

Elevators are a major part of building construction these days. They account for up to 10 percent of building energy use. As with most construction these days, does environmental friendly also apply to elevators?

What makes an elevator green? For starters we take into account energy consumption. But besides energy consumption the building materials, the process of creation, the technology used, the amount of space taken, are all factors that are considered in when looking at the green viability of an elevator. The EasyGlide elevator from Grant Home Elevators is a cost-effective residential elevator solution. It has reduced shaft dimensions, minimal pit-depth and modest headroom, saving space and minimising construction and installation costs.

Green elevators should reduce the consumption power, but not at the cost of performance, design, safety or comfort. There are lots of moving parts in an elevator that contribute to overall efficiency: the materials, technologies, paint, flooring, lighting, and HVAC systems.

The design elements like the choice of interior paints, flooring, control panels, lighting, and HVAC systems are also factored in. the overall LEED score of an elevator decides whether it is safe to fall within the green elevator category. The quality and type interiors used affect the LEED score. Green elevators need to pass the LEED certification.

The parts used in the elevator are another component that gauges the effectiveness of green standards.  When companies add components like gearless synchronized drives, frequency converters and energy recovery systems, the energy consumed to run the elevator, reduces drastically. Elevators also come with a seldom function. This function enables energy savings of up to 86 percent in standby operation. Some elevators come with the TWIN system. This includes two cabs running independently one above the other in the same shaft. This saves space and material. A big point to factor in.

During lengthy breaks in operation, an intelligent control system deactivates all non-essential components step by step until only the external call button is still active. This reduces empty trips and waiting times to a minimum. In addition the passengers reach the destination quickly with minimum wastage.

Eco friendly elevators can be easily installed and need minimum equipment to set up. Even traditional elevators are now coming with an environmental friendly option.